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7.  Mary And Melissa , 4/9/2002

Love the Potographs! You are very talented(except in spelling)-hee hee.
Good Luck!

6.  Fred Cline , 4/7/2002

Having spent over thirty years working in the building, I would like a ten percent commission on all orders on copies of the New York Life Building!
The pictures are great. I wish I had a time machine.

5.  An appreciative viewer , 4/3/2002

Great to see things up and running, the photos are really a flashback in time and some bring back wonderful memories. Keep up the good work will be back to visit often.

4.  George Cline , 4/1/2002

GREAT PAGE!! Bill jr. deserves a round of applause. Real easy navigation and lots of interesting pictures. Good Luck.

3.  Diane (your sister) , 3/27/2002

Very nice. I love to browse through old photos. Good Luck with your website.

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