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17.  madeline , 6/11/2002

This is a gorgeous website--the photos are incredible. A little glimpse of an earlier time!

16.  Averyl , 6/9/2002

Great photos, and your site is very nicely done!

15.  Elizabeth Turner , 6/8/2002

You were at my site a few weeks ago. Your's is down-right elegant...
Two of my favorite things: Old Photographs and Books!
Elizabeth Turner in Holiday Florida

14.  lady rose caceres , 5/23/2002

Victorian Greeting This is a very nice website I am from New York City .My dad use to take me downtown always when I was a child .My Dad pass away But I will never for get him and I love N.Y . Thank you so much Lady Rose Caceres

13.  LUANNE , 5/23/2002

*~WOW~*.I have a great passion for *BLACK and WHITE*anything.PRINTS ,my house,my life etc..ALL my life has been *BLACK or WHITE*.
P.S. GOD created all in his IMAGE.GOD BLESS.

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