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27.  Anita Jordan , 1/21/2003

Great site. I'm looking for a vintage color photograph titled, "Depression". The portrait is of a woman in a blue dressing gown standing with a girl in pink dressing gown. Both are standing next to a grand piano and the background is dark. My mother thinks that my grandmother took it from a "LOOK" magazine many years ago. My mother was born in 1921. Can anyone help? Thanks, ajink51

26.  Woody , 12/16/2002

Great site. Great photos. Love the one I bought last year. Look forward to acquiring more. Keep it up.

25.  Anonymous , 10/12/2002

Great site for B&Ws. Born in the 30's my world was silver screen. Nice work.

Thanks, Nick Arena

24.  Yahoo vintagephotographs club , 10/1/2002

Very nice site. It's nice to see old negatives being restored.

23.  keith collins , 9/14/2002

amazing photos I'm looking forward to having some prints made the old way and not digital!! Keith out in California

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