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72.  William , 1/7/2006

Terrific site !!..I love taking the mind trip back to old NYC. Keep it going !..and thank you !

71.  Edward , 1/3/2006

I really like your website of classic
old photos and keep up on this good stuff for all generations to come and
Thanks for everything,Edward

70.  Brian Merlis , 12/18/2005

John has done a great job bringing New York's past back to life through his fine archive of negatives!
His images are poingnant, very clear, and each conveys a message to the viewer.
Brian Merlis

69.  stephanie , 12/14/2005

great job!!your site is magnificent!
I love vintage pictures, and New York is also my favourite town concerning vintage pictures..

68.  Liza , 12/13/2005

Good site. The answer

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