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77.  Sue & Paul Johnson , 9/30/2008

My husband and I have visited New York numerous times in our younger days. We have become too old for the excitement and pace of present day New York, but these old photos are so reflective of a time that, although quite busy, would not be so in today's world. The photos bring back such enthusiasm and the feeling of romance, combined with historical value as well as entertainment. I just love New York and miss it so very badly. Thank you for maintaining this web site for some of us to enjoy and ponder over wonderful memories.

76.  Chris Q. , 3/7/2008

My name is Chris and I am a blackhawk helicopter pilot
in the Army. I was homesick for New York and decided
to look at some photographs when I came across your
wonderful website. I LOVE NY and all my best memories
are in the surroundings of NYC pre 9/11. Thank you
very much for keeping this site. It has such value to
us "escaped" New Yorkers. Thank you.

75.  Liza , 2/8/2006

Your site is the best. I love your humour, layout, design and everything!

74.  John , 2/8/2006

Great page, not too fancy but well balanced! Cheers!

73.  Martin , 2/4/2006

Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design and very interesting content.

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